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    The EDISON PORTABLE 6500 WATT BLUETOOTH SPEAKER by Edison is a powerful speaker that provides a stunning sound quality to any party or gathering. Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, this speaker allows you to play music from your phone or any compatible device without any hassle of wires. Its portable design makes it easy to carry, and it comes with a rechargeable battery that can last for hours. With its 6500-watt power and the ability to connect multiple speakers, the EDISON PORTABLE 6500 WATT BLUETOOTH SPEAKER is perfect for any occasion where music is a must-have element.
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    The EDISON PORTABLE 6500 WATT BLUETOOTH SPEAKER is the ultimate sound system for any event, gathering or party. Whether you're a music lover who wants to turn up the volume or an event planner looking for the perfect sound system, this speaker delivers clear, powerful sound that will impress any audience.

    With a power output of 6500 watts, this speaker delivers impressive sound quality that fills any room or outdoor space. From deep, rich bass to crisp, clear highs, this speaker produces a full spectrum of sound that brings music to life.

    One of the key features of the EDISON PORTABLE 6500 WATT BLUETOOTH SPEAKER is its Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to easily connect your smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-enabled device to the speaker, giving you complete control over your music library. You can play your favorite tunes, skip tracks, and adjust the volume from anywhere in the room, all without having to physically connect your device to the speaker.

    In addition to its powerful sound and Bluetooth connectivity, the EDISON PORTABLE 6500 WATT BLUETOOTH SPEAKER is also incredibly portable. It comes equipped with wheels and a handle, making it easy to move from one location to another. Whether you're hosting a party in your backyard, bringing music to a tailgate, or djing a local event, this speaker is the perfect solution for your sound needs.

    Overall, the EDISON PORTABLE 6500 WATT BLUETOOTH SPEAKER is a must-have for anyone who loves music and wants to bring high-quality sound wherever they go. With its powerful sound, Bluetooth connectivity, and portability, this speaker is sure to impress even the most discerning audiophiles.
    - Maximum power output: 6500 watts - Bluetooth connectivity to pair with smartphones, tablets, or computers - Can be used as a PA system for announcements or speeches - Built-in equalizer allows for customized sound settings - LED display shows track and volume information - Includes microphone input, guitar input, and USB input for music playback - Rechargeable battery lasts up to 4 hours on a single charge - Wheels and handle make it easy to transport to different locations - Dimensions: 24 inches (height) x 15 inches (width) x 12 inches (depth)
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